Who Tried To Unlock

Who Tried To Unlock

Who Tried To Unlock
Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Version: 10
File size: 3.04MB
Requires: Android 4.0.3+
Developer: bosslife
Updated: January 21, 2020

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Who Tried To Unlock
wrong password photo capture now you can takes a picture When somebody turns the device on, allows you to easily see who has tried to unlock your device without your authorization. a picture is taken. You can see it in the app.
find out who tries to unlock your device, get notification alert, save and share the taken photo. In addition, hide captured photo from gallery so no other person can see it.

- Saved Captured Intruders' Images to Your Google Drive.
-- Know who touched your phone
-- And For how long your phone has been used by intruder (Usage times)
- Ability to alert sound for wrong unlock attempts.
-- Ability to capture successful and wrong PIN/Password attempts
- To find out who tries to unlock your mobile
- Catch all the mobile snoopers with ease
-- Know Unlock Logs when your device has opened
- Jealous partner. If you want to pay attention who try to look into your phone
- Easily figure out who has tried to unlock your device without your authorization

# Activate Device Administrator:
- This app uses the Device Administrator Permission
- This permission is required to monitor any wrong attempts made by any intruder and notify the app to take the photo of the person who is trying to unlock your mobile.
who tried to unlock my phone

## Main Features:-
- Notification after unlocking the phone if there were intruder detection
- Capture photo with multiple wrong attempts
- Set limits of wrong unlock attempts
- capture photo when screen lock open, take photo when wrong password, phone lost tracker, capture photo when phone pattern wrong
- Intruder detection with photo alert
- Hide captured photos from Gallery so that no one can notice
- Save, share and delete captured photos

## Disclaimer:-

- To make the development efforts free, this app is supported by mobile advertising.
- Please do rate us with maximum stars and write your feedback, we appreciate your efforts. From GooglePlay

Who Tried To Unlock
4/ 5