ABCD for Kids - Cartoon Pack

ABCD for Kids - Cartoon Pack

ABCD for Kids - Cartoon Pack
Tuesday, July 21, 2020

The description of Digital World ABCD for Kids - Cartoon Pack
350+ words & sounds for your little learners!
And its fully FREE!

Let your kids learn English Alphabets in an easy way by relating each Alphabet with an animal or object.

This app also includes Preschool Learning Games, Kindergarten kids Learn Word Games etc.,

Come let us fine tune your kid to LEARN by using your phone which is as entertaining as playing games.

We are proud to introduce our ABCD for Kids application which helps your kids to learn alphabets with around 10 different object representations for each letter and with human pronunciation. So the kids can learn 260 new objects as they learn ABCD.

Does alphabets are the only thing to learn from our App?

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ABCD for Kids - Cartoon Pack
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